All workshops on CK are in demand both in the US and International.  All of Ali's workshops are designed for people of all ages and all levels of physical fitness.  If you have specific questions, contact Ali and we will confirm his availability for your desired date.  Once scheduled, you will receive a confirmation and agreement of service letter for your approval.

Please return this agreement promptly with your deposit to guarantee your date.  Also note that presenter travel, lodging and local transportation are the responsibility of the host, unless otherwise specified.  To make sure your event is successful, take the time to promote early for best result.

CK fitness can assist you in the preparation of your brochure, registration and mailing list ,as well as, developing ideas to create excitement and growth within your facility.

Tips To Help Ensure Your Successful CK Fitness Workshop


*National and international presenters are booked months in advance. It is not unusual for me to be booked four (4) months or more ahead.
Determine if this is to be an open or closed workshop.

*Do you want to open the event to other fitness professionals?

*Do you wish to invite your members to the master class?

Promote   Promote   Promote

1. You can produce flyers yourself or Ck Fitness can assist you in the development of your flyers.

2. For an open workshop that involves a mailing, allow 6-8 weeks lead time. CK has access to regional mailing list throughout the US if you choose this option.

3. Plan to mail at least 10 flyers for each registrant you want.  If you are looking to generate 35 attendees, plan to mail out at least 350 flyers.

4. Fax, email or phone surrounding clubs in the area to advise them on the event.

5. For an in-house workshop or a master class, create posters that can be posted throughout the facility.  Place brochures in well exposed areas and meet with key personnel in the facility so they can assist in the promotion as well.

Early promotion is the key to a successful event!

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