We offer our classes to private groups, minimum of 12 participants.  We provide classes for:

If you are interested in hosting a private class, please contact our course coordinator, via email cipher_ kinetics@yahoo.com or call 1-800-681-1910.

TEENS: $195 from 12pm-5pm
YOUNG ADULTS: $295 from 10am-6pm

At the core of CK protective fitness adult program is our basic course.  This course covers situational awareness, verbal and emotional boundary setting and physical self defense.  In this course we focus on attacks by a single and armed assailant which is the most common form of attack that women face.  We also explore issues related to fear and violence against women in society.  

Defense Against Multiple Assailant Course
Students are prepared to fight off multiple attackers at once.  The class is split in two sections, A & B at $325 each.  Hours are from 12pm-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Defense Against Weapons
Students learn to defend themselves against an armed assailant.  We cover: assaults with knives, guns and clubs. We teach how weapons are used to intimidate the attacker and how they are to be used correctly. This class is split in two sections:
 Hours are from 12pm-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

Cipher Kinetics
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